Lease Rental Discounting in Pune

Lease Rental Discounting in Pune

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Lease Rental Discounting in Pune


VED Financials provides Lease Rental Discounting in Pune to businesses looking to save money on monthly rental payments. We can assist you in negotiating a lower rental rate, after which we will reduce your rental payments by up to 50%. This service is available to businesses of all sizes and can save your company a significant amount of money each month.

You can now obtain a loan against your lease property through bank LRD loan schemes. When repaying your loan, you can use the rental income from the leased property to pay the bank. So, if you own a commercial property, allow us to assist you with your LRD.

Why Choose Us?

We have assisted many builders and developers in making significant investments in constructing commercial properties for rental purposes. We have even worked with them to ensure that the rental earnings are secure so that the banks will finally offer LRD.

Significant Factors Banks Consider for LRD

● Your credit scores
● The location of your property is essential for forecasting growth and expansion prospects, as well as evaluating based on basic amenities and the presence of other industries.
● Your personal and professional profile

Looking for a loan specialist for lease rental discounting in Pune?

As a property owner, you may be receiving regular rent. VED Financials’ Lease Rental Discounting in Pune can help you en-cash on these rentals by providing a loan at attractive interest rates. In addition, monthly rent from tenants is used as loan cash flow. To learn more about lease rental discounting, speak to our experts today.

How to Get Started?

To be an effective partner, we need to know you and your goals.